Bathe your pet twice a month for all of 2019 for one low price!

Self-Bathe Passes

Self-Bathe 2019 Annual Pass


What's included with Self-Bathe?

You get the use of our self-bath room to bathe your pet. Our elevated tubs mean no bending down to the floor. Our loops on the walls and in tubs means no wrangling a slippery animal. Our high-velocity driers means all that excess moisture is out of your pet's coat in a "breeze". Doing all that here versus at home means you leave the mess with us!

You're provided with:

Shampoo • Cotton (for ears) • Toothbrush & Paste • Towel

See more about the Self-Bathe room here.


2019 Annual Pass

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You can use our Self-Bathe room twice per calendar month the entire year.

You may only have 1 pet per pass. Unused benefits do not rollover from month to month and are forfeited at the end of each calendar month. Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable. There is no limit to how many passes you may purchase.

This pass does not include any other grooming or bathing services.